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The Concept Falken


within small scale wind power plants

Independent Wind Power (IWP) introduces a new patented technology:

FALKEN is an independent power source

This new, stand alone power plant delivers high quality electricity with a minimum tolerance in frequency at internal operation (microprocessor). The unique stable frequency is independent of external sources such as power stations, electricity grids and is also independent of dumpload.

In addition, the consumption can be lower than the actual efficiency of the power plant, and still retain an unchanged and stable frequency.

Even under extreme climatic circumstances, the flexible mechanical construction ensures stable production, without exceeding the rated value. Obviously, this is a very valuable feature at remote locations.

Consequently, the supreme high quality electrical output makes it possible to connect almost all kinds of electrical items directly to the power plant.

FALKEN is naturally able to deliver grid connected electricity, but is also able to work perfectly in combination with other energy plants. FALKEN has an incorporated control system to operate other power plants, such as PV plants, diesel generators or fuel cells.

FALKEN technology is developed to be mass-produced.

This new technology is already well proven in a 10 kilowatt experimental FALKEN power plant operating in Denmark.

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